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Josuke and Yoshikage Kira VS Other Anime Characters

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 seems to be one of the most popular parts from what I've heard over time. Even if it didn't resonate with me as much as with other people I still enjoyed it none the less especially the Kira arc. I still think Kira has to be the best villain in JOJO so far (in the anime at least). So what happens when we put Josuke and Kira in Mugen?

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Darion jackson : Part 3 is my favorite and part 5 is probably my second to last favorite. My last favorite being phantom blood. Reason for this is bc in part 5 the ending was a little underwhelming and i was left with "oh wow thats it,thats the end?" We didnt get any real resolution with giorno or even see how he felt after beating diavolo plus the fact that it ended with mista and trish still believing that buccarati was alive and didnt get their reaction of him actually being dead. It felt like through the whole part i could just tell when giorno was needed and when he wasnt and it was pretty predictable when he would show up and do his thing which made it a bit boring cause i knew what was going to happen and how he was going to fix said problem.
Darrow Andrews : do it every week plz or try to

Nayim Ali : We would love a mugen every week and we need that Ichigo one sir
killer duck : Jortaro and his son/koichi
Jamari Swain : You snapped bro



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